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Our Unified Course

best artificial intelligence course in bangalore

Python for Data science

Python Basics and Advanced

Python for Data science and Machine Learning

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Database for Data science

Essentials of SQL:


SQL Queries complete

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Mathematics for Data Science

Linear Algebra

Probability and Statistics

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Machine Learning Engineering

Supervised Learning
Ensemble Learning

Unsupervised Learning
Clustering Techniques

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Natural Language Processing

Python Texts
Working with Text PDF and Other Files
Spacy Basics, NLTK
Stemming, Lemmatization, Stop Words
Speech Tagging and Named Entity Recognition

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Deep Learning Engineering

Artificial Neural Network- ANN
Convolution Neural Network -CNN
Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM
Deep Diving into Neural Network
Exploring Neural Network using TensorFlow and Keras

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Fine Tuning Data science Algorithm

Demystifying Diagnostic Report for Learning Models
Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
Cross Validation Techniques

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Python for Web Development using Django Framework

Introduction to Django Framework
Templates and Static Files in Django
Database Operations

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Machine Learning
Deep Learning

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Mathematical Aptitude

Problems on Trains
Numbers and Ages
Percentage problems
Boats and Streams
Ratio & Proportion

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Logical Reasoning

Alphanumeric series
Artificial Language
Blood Relations
Cause and Effect

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Best artificial intelligence course in Bangalore - Pentagonspace

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Why Pentagon Space?

Pentagon Space is a company
that offers varied programs and courses for students to
succeed in their careers.
We at Pentagon Space train our students
in multitudinous aspects of future technologies which
includes Data science, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning,
Deep learning.

We provide our students with the best employment opportunities that cater the bestindustry professionals and successful business learners. With our real time applied learning and full-fledged curriculum we cater our students with uncompromised and quality knowledge. Through our dedicated and experienced tutors we aim at providing our students with excellence to their fullest potential.

Our Distinctive Propositions

We offer courses that cover the niche technologies which rules the market in the near future and for many more years to come.

Our courses are designed for 500 hours of intensive training.

We would work on 25 real time projects during the course period.

Our course is exposed to In-house industry-based company projects.

We provide world class infrastructure to aspire the thoughts of young minds.

We as a company attempt to cater our students with placements in reputed companies.

We have affordable pricing of courses. On the average pricing of the market we provide more technical contents and more hands on projects than anyone can claim at 1/12 the average price of market.

Our experienced trainers are the core differentiating factor.


Students with BE ,BCA ,MCA, MTECH

No, Programming would be explained from basics

No, Required concepts of maths would be taught from basics

No, All the elements required for databases would be taught from scratch

No, Student with any percentage or with any no of backlogs will be able to attend the course

Yes, All the required materials would be given to the students during the course

Yes, Daily and Weekly Assignments would be given to the student which has to be submitted online which would be evaluated. And student would be assessed

Yes, Every Saturday online test would be provided ,The result of which would assess the progress of student . Regular coding Hackathon would be held to challenges the student on their programming skills

Yes, Regular mock interview will be conducted by experienced industry people.

Placement opportunity would be provided until you get placed .

Yes, Student can avail loan or pay through credit cards through EMI Option 6 or 12 months

No, All the required softwares would be provided and student would be handled to installed softwares .

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